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4 Metrics that Your Restaurant Should Track

Four metrics for your restaurant can help you run it at top profit-generating efficiency: 1) sales per labor hour, 2) average cover, 3) up-selling and 4) food costs. The most efficient, easiest way to keep on top of these is through the right cloud-based software that will work with your POS system and be accessible on your mobile devices.

A recent study by the National Restaurant Association found that one in three quick-service and one in four fast casual job openings go to people getting their first work experience in hospitality. Anyone who’s worked in the foodservice industry knows that employees are the lifeblood of customer satisfaction and repeat business, but lack of experience can negatively impact your business.

You may be running a well-structured training program for new staff in the hopes that they’ll learn quickly and become more productive, but you might be missing a critical piece in your evaluation of staff growth — the impact new staff are having on sales and profitability. — Niall Keane, CEO of SynergySuite Restaurant Management Software, Fast Casual

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