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Posting Calorie Counts on Menus NOT Easy; Laws Should Be Scrapped

Baylen Linnekin, food lawyer, scholar, and adjunct law professor, writes that contrary to what may be presented as fact, posting calorie counts on menus is not easy and moreover is often expensive. Further, research shows that calorie displays are not effective in stemming obesity, he maintains. He advocates repealing mandatory calorie display laws.

Despite claims by supporters, requiring calorie counts is neither easy nor sensible.

This week, New York City—the first place in America to require chain restaurants to post calorie information on their menus—expanded the reach of its menu-labeling law.

The city is now "the first municipality to require grocery and convenience stores with more than 15 outlets nationwide to clearly display calorie counts for prepared foods and beverages and have additional nutritional information available upon request," reports New York's Fox 5. "The rules will apply to about 1,500 food retailers.” — Baylen Linnekin,

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