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Franchisee's 7 Denny's Restaurants Abruptly Closed over State Tax Owed

Seven southern Colorado Denny's restaurants closed down overnight, seized by the state for taxes owed. Employees of franchisee Cooper Restauranteur [sic] and Consulting Group were assured Monday afternoon at a meeting that the restaurants were doing fine and that there was no cause for concern. Late that night calls were made telling employees they were out of a job as of right then. According to the now jobless former employees, the franchisee owner, Abe Iwani, had skipped town and was unavailable to news reporters for comment.

“Over night, they just shut us down,” said Abby Van Houten, former Denny’s employee.

Van Houten was supposed to work her regular shift at Denny’s Tuesday morning.

“I left work thinking I would be coming back to work today and received a phone call at 10:30 last night saying I was no longer employed,” said Van Houten. — Angela Case and Josh Egbert, Fox21News

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