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High Tech Sewing Startup Overcomes Breakdowns, Gains Business

SoftWear, a small business that built sewing machine robots, found when its machines were put to the test by a large potential customer that they broke down much too often. SoftWear lost the sale, which was the catalyst that brought swift changes:

For Palaniswamy “Raj” Rajan, SoftWear’s sink-or-swim moment came in late 2016 when the startup presented its SEWBOTS robotic sewing technology to one of the largest bath-rug makers in the country. But instead of signing its first deal, Atlanta-based SoftWear got bad news: it wasn’t ready. SEWBOTS were breaking down two or three times a day due to software bugs.

“When we first gave them a solution, they essentially said, ‘This is not robust enough for us,’” Rajan explains. “That was an important meeting in the history of our company.” 

…Nine months later, the 27-employee-strong SoftWear has turned skeptics into believers by building machines that operate 90% of the time while in continuous use for a year. — Aswin Mannepalli, Forbes

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