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San Francisco Offers to Buy Crime-Plagued McDonald’s Restaurant

A McDonald’s unit located next to Golden Gate Park in the Haight area of San Francisco has been a hotbed of crime and undesirable activity, such as small-time drug-selling, loitering, “hamburglaries” and a shooting inside the restaurant last Thursday. The goings-on have generated endless complaints from its neighbors. The city says it wants to fight crime by buying the location, demolishing the restaurant and quite possibly replacing it with affordable housing.

McDonald’s spokesman Ron Rogers said the burger giant has a received “a letter of interest” from the city and that “the proposal is currently under review.”

...“We are waiting to hear a response to our proposal,” Deirdre Hussey, the mayor’s spokeswoman, said Friday.

Lee and the supervisors have been pressing to build more housing in the city, and that includes the Haight. Breed, however, cautioned that nothing was set in stone, and “whether it’s affordable housing or anything else built, there will be a community process.” — Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, San Francisco Chronicle

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