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Jack in the Box Leads in Trend, Technology and Time

Success does leave clues and time and time again industry leading companies share success clues with us.  In the case of Jack in the Box, evolving with the customer is something they have done very well. Jack in the Box’s ability to integrate technology with consumer relevance is one clue to their success.

A recent study conducted by Morgan Stanley found that “The portion of restaurants’ sales coming from delivery could top 40% by 2020, roughly a sevenfold increase from current levels."  Jack in the Box understands the consumer as well as any retailer in the food space; thus, they announced that they would expand food delivery with DoorDash, using Marble, the maker of autonomous ground-delivery robots.

Marble robot deliveryYes, robot delivery. It will be an on-demand delivery platform operating in more than 500 cities nationwide for DoorDash, which will begin testing deliveries under a pilot program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Under the pilot program DoorDash will be using Marble’s robots to deliver customer orders in select neighborhoods.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with DoorDash as we continue to build towards the city of the future, a city in which on-demand delivery is accessible to everyone,” says Marble CEO Matt Delaney. “DoorDash has a strong reputation for top-tier restaurant partnerships and innovative logistics technology. We’re excited to have our robots work with them to expand options for delivery and reduce urban congestion across communities to create a more enjoyable neighborhood experience.”

To celebrate the Marble-DoorDash partnership and initial pilot program, the companies partnered with restaurant chain Jack in the Box in early August to test out a delivery in the North Beach neighborhood and showcase the partnership. This delivery demo expands upon the ongoing relationship between Jack in the Box and DoorDash, which recently increased Jack in the Box’s delivery options to more than 830 restaurants across 229 US cities.

Morgan Stanley's report found “demand for off-premise transactions is surging most sharply for coffee and burger chains. Almost half the respondent base (45%) had ordered delivery in the prior six months, and 85% had visited restaurants. In addition 43% of delivery patrons opted for at-home or at-office service instead of going to a restaurant, up from 38% in 2016."

Jack in the Box understands that the customer is dynamic not static and to maintain customer relevance the firm needs to evolve with the consumer.

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