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Judge Calls Subway ‘Footlong’ Lawsuit a ‘Racket’ to Benefit Only Lawyers

The class-action lawsuit claiming damages because Subway’s footlong subs were alleged to actually be shorter was big news back in 2013. But in a ruling published last Friday, Chicago-based Judge Diane Sykes, who may be President Trump’s next U.S. Supreme Court nominee, reversed a lower court half-million-dollar settlement and penned some harsh words about the lawyers for the plaintiff.

The sandwich chain wasn't the real scam artist in the case, Chicago-based federal Judge Diane Sykes says: The lawyers who earned more than half a million dollars in legal fees by filing it were.

…Though nine Subway customers who brought the case each got $500 for their trouble, the settlement was "utterly worthless" to the average Subway customer, who benefits in no way from a "hollow" deal, Sykes wrote. — Kim Janssen, Chicago Tribune

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