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Past Disasters Reveal Slow Small Business Recovery

Experience shows that once a hurricane or storm cuts its destructive path through an area, the effects on small businesses often last a long time, if they don't quickly go under.

After Katrina, the city of Kenner, Louisiana, west of New Orleans, resembled a ghost town. The Golden Corral franchise restaurant there suffered extensive damage. Managers were able to hire a crew for repairs, and within 10 weeks the restaurant was fixed up enough to reopen. But there were few residents around, and only nine of 70 staffers were in town to run the place, says Malcolm Clark, the franchise’s director of operations.

…For small businesses, the recovery from hurricanes and other natural disasters can take years – if they can recover at all. Business owners in Houston have only just started assessing their damage and how to move forward. Many may find themselves facing the same hurdles and delays as small business owners who have been through other big storms. — Joyce M. Rosenberg, AP

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