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Guidelines for Surviving Today's Changing Hotel Environment

Marriott's Kaua'i Beach Club photo
Marriott Kaua'i Beach Club

The hotel business is facing new kinds of competition and changing expectations. Here are four focus points for hotel owners and managers to use in meeting today's challenges in lodging, according to an innovation consultant writing for Forbes.

Hotels have to keep up. They’re facing fierce competition from Airbnb, and a slew of similar competitors, who have all made us believe that anyone with a spare room can compete with their services. To survive, hotels need to innovate and ride the wave of some pervasive trends. In many ways, they must rethink their core reason for being, and evolve to serve the needs of not only out-of-town guests, but the local people and communities that they operate in. These are the four areas they should focus on.

Focus One: Attracting Locals

In the future, hotels will have to do more than draw in visitors and become a destination for locals. This could come up in a number of ways. For example, they could ride the zeitgeist of co-working and become a welcoming space for people to meet, work, connect and mingle. Imagine if your local hotel offered a chance to cross-pollinate with the most interesting minds in your city? Or you could attend a demo-day event, or keynote speaker that you’d always wanted to hear? Hotels would pretty quickly shift from lobby as a wasteland to lobby as a hotbed for innovation. This would have obvious draw cards for locals, but also give travelers a true sense of the cities they were visiting. — Annabel Acton, Forbes


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