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McDonald's Writeup in Financial Times Has No Mention of Franchisees

Just yesterday, Financial Times penned a very timely article on McDonald's. With great sources and a multiyear perspective, it recapped the last several years of ups and downs and initiatives. It was breathtaking, however, that the article had not one word about McDonald's franchisees' conditions and sentiments.

As we all know, "asset light" is the theme de jour of the last two decades of the QSR majors. McDonalds is tracking towards a 95% franchised model. But yet, franchisees who take care of 95% of the guests, fund equipment, rents and models--are missing from the narrative.

In all matters analytical, investigative and storytelling, we all can hope for a better, more full discussion in the future.

[Read Financial Times' McDonald's Flips Fortunes with Back to Basics Approach on CNBC]

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