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The Man with the Most McDonald's Restaurants in the UK

Paul Crocker, 58, started his career at the age of 14 working for free in his parents' riding academy in the UK. He later took over from his mother and stepfather to run the business seven days a week, but it was not much of a money maker. He then joined his father to run multiple gas stations, but after a few years he could see that the business was changing and the future was not encouraging. It was time to make a change.

"What I liked in the petrol business was that you were trading behind a fairly reputable petrol brand.

"People trust the brand names, so in a way, by going into a franchise what I was looking for was a brand name that people could relate to and that could give autonomy to make my own choices and employ my own people." — Lauren MacDougall & James Rodger, Coventry Telegraph

Crocker decided on McDonald's and over approximately the next 20 years expanded to 16 of the brand's restaurants in Kent County, which borders London.

Paul has seen much change during his two decades with McDonald's, including a move to push fresh food over fast food.

And, as part of a modernisation programme which has seen Mr Crocker invest millions in his restaurants, the arrival of kiosks, tablets, home delivery and of course, table service. — MacDougall & Rodger, Coventry Telegraph

Crocker gives a video tour of his newly remodeled location in Coventry.

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