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Mike Nabors Shares His Business Journey at Small Town Meeting

Mike and Karin Nabors founded Neighbor’s Mill in their small town 18 years ago. The cafe/bakery now has two nearby franchise locations, making the company, which now includes their children, a franchisor. Prior to that the couple were Dairy Queen franchisees, which Mike says taught them a lot about running a successful restaurant.

He recently spoke before a group about the couple’s business journey, which began back in 1990 when they started thinking about owning a restaurant:

“We had done some research, but we weren’t in a position to open a restaurant. We tell others that most people are smart enough not to start a restaurant. But we weren’t.”

“We’ve been very blessed to recruit and hire good people over the years.”

“There is a 90 percent failure rate for start-up restaurants. It’s critical to have good people.” — Donna Braymer, Harrison Daily Times

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