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Acclaimed 2018 Honda Accord Selling Poorly

2018 Honda AccordThe 2018 Accord boasts improvements that have some dealers saying it's Honda's most outstanding sedan ever, but consumers, at least so far, have been giving it the cold shoulder.

The product features a bevy of enhancements, including a quieter ride thanks to spray foam injected into the body cavities. The sedan also provides a more solid driving experience, a byproduct of its first-ever use of a high-performance adhesive.

…Dealers love the storied sedan, saying it's a formidable package that tops the rival Toyota Camry. Some even say it's Honda's most impressive car to date. — Vince Bond Jr., Automotive News

Maybe so, but the Accords are sitting on the lots a long time.

Dealers around the country blame a lack of enticing lease offers.

Consumers are looking for deals, but they aren't finding any for the Accord, an improved specimen that carries a higher sticker price — $24,460 with shipping — than the previous generation.— Bond, Automotive News


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