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The statement of facts leaves out too much for anyone to be able to make intelligent recommendations.

You don't just go to your franchisor hat in hand unless you really have no case for going to the franchisor in a more insistent mode.

What people refer to as an "impact study" is usually some abbreviated nonsense like "how much can we show that the new guy got that I might have gotten had he not been there?" There are other factors that allow "impact studies" like that to be rejected out of hand as superficial. The results of "studies" like that (that aren't really studies at all) are usually just your guess is as good as mine level quality.

You might want to go see someone who has some experience dealing with this kind of problem and speak with that person in private with the confidentiality of your conversation protected. In that environment the potentially embarassing questions can be asked and answered without risk.


 Richard Solomon


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