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Good Intent, Baffling Service

Sometimes service efforts are built around the wrong activities because of faulty customer perceptions.

The Startup Journal had an interesting introduction on this, Avoiding Practices that Baffle Customers.

Cosmetic counters and retailers are an example of this. The salesperson hovers around me every few seconds to get what I want. I can hardly browse in peace.

Another pet peeve of service in the wrong place is at restaurants. In order to impress me that they deserve a great tip, the waiter/waitress comes up to me just as I'm stuffing something in my mouth or deep in a great conversation and asks, "How Is Everything? Can I get you something?" Frankly, when I want them, I would prefer raising my hand and they come immediately. How about a restaurant that has the waiter come when I want them to come? Now that's worth tipping for.

I'm working on a service consulting project for retailing. Can anyone think of examples of where in operating the front-end (retail-end) of a franchise we have wrong perceptions of where the service should go? 




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