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Exceed Customer Expectations! Constantly Evaluate!


Great Question!  I think business owners, including franchisees and franchisors tend to conduct a lot of market research in the development stages of the business.  They identify what it is that customers want, and methodologies for delivering such.  However over time, pieces, parts and components are modified, changed, added, eliminated, thusly dilluting the systems effectiveness.  Not to mention customer preferences are constantly changing.

I think the number one thing a business can do, is to develop a system and implement the system for constantly measuring clientle desires, wants and needs and to systematically adjust to the changing perceptions.  I also think that PROPER EMPLOYEE SELECTION is key, certain personality types tend to place an emphasis on customer service.  In fact a number of Franchisors and Franchise Selection (Profiling) organizations identify customer service focus as the #1 indicator of how well a prospective franchisee will perform.  Take a look at Dynamic Performance Syestems, Inc.

So in summary, I think assuming that what the customer wants today is exactly what the customer will want in the future.  Select employees who genuinely care about customers.  The sincerity will shine through and make the system and the efforts be well received.

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