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All Kinds of Wikis

It depends. Our original, full-fledged Wiki has been stripped down to something very simple for business people to use. Right now readers contribute to our Wikipedia entry pretty much like writing a blog. The downside of this version is that it does not automatically underline words input into the Franchipedia.

So this is what I struggle with - if readers would feel comfortable writing Wiki script, then I could immediately upgrade to have that feature and all other features of a full wikipedia. A full wiki can automatically hyperlink terms that are part of the wiki (not outside of the platform, even though the term may still be used inside the same domain).

Being the techie I am, I would love to have such a function. But in my experience as the editor for a journal that targets small business owners, it is a bit over the top for small business writers.

But here's my promise. If our readers can build our Franchipedia to over 500 entries so that it is a robust trade wikipedia, then I will find a way for our franchipedia terms to automatically have a link with words used both inside and outside of the wiki (e.g. match terms that are written elsewhere in Blue MauMau).In the meantime, I hope our contributors will manually link these terms in their articles.


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