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Will Close New Remarks Soon In Succession Planning Article

The remarks under succession planning have filled up quickly to a point that before the postings hit 35, we need to move the discussion to the forums. We try to limit remarks of a blog to 20 but the remarks to this article have filled up very quickly.

It is strongly suggested that you focus remarks from an article to the author. Discussions with other members of the community are best done through the forums. That's why forums are set up by our members.

For those who may still have questions of the author about succession planning, I'll try to allow those postings. Our long-time members know that when the remarks to a blog become too numerous, the links to the second and third page will not work. So, we have to limit the remarks area. (We are working on this glitch.)

Please take the discussions to the political activism forum or if it is peripherally related to comments on succession planning, please come here to the Operations Forum.

Mr. Blue MauMau
Community Umpire


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