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This Social Media Is Technically Not a Blog

Even Though Blue MauMau Has Blogs

I often hear Blue MauMau referred to as a blog site. That doesn't seem quite right in describing our social network. Here's why.

blog : (noun, short for web log) a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer

See? That definition doesn't quite fit Blue MauMau. As much as we encourage franchisees writing online diaries in our social media, very little writing of franchisee personal journal entries happens here. The verb form in Webster's New Millenial Dictionary seems to fit our situation a little better.

blog: (vt) to author an online diary or chronology of thoughts

Ah... chronology of thoughts. Each of our members have a page that records the chronology of their specific entries and thoughts. (Just see www.bluemaumau/blog/USERNAME, substituting their login name where it says USERNAME. Spaces are replaced by _) Every one of our registered members have their own "blog" page (example). But those entries are not necessarily just opinion or thoughts.

Actually, opinions and thoughts are often expressed in our forum threads and news comment areas.

Besides, when an opinion is shared by a known authority in the field like we have here at Blue MauMau, it is called a column - not simply an opining blog.

Is the online version of the New York Times a blog? How about the online Franchise Times? I don't think so.

And neither are we. Our model is similar to OhmyNews , an online international newspaper that has hundreds of thousands of citizen journalists who shine a light in every nook and cranny by contributing the day's news. The front page news part of our site is best described as volunteer citizen journalism. For example, CEO X Steps Down from Company Y. Besides, articles are often contributed by industry thought leaders and journalists.

Then, of course, we have shared UFOCs, shared weblinks, a shared calendar of franchise events, shared videos, shared slide presentations, shared book reviews, a shared franchise wikipedia, and shared franchise reviews.

A blog? Yes. We have them. We encourage them. But that just doesn't quite fit in describing our complete site, does it?


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