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Social Media: A New Platform for a Greater Variety of Info

Blue MauMau, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, and Consumerist: What do these things have in common? They are examples of social media.

The old news media and trade journals, particularly after the industrial revolution, required significant capital in order to publish. They were a bottleneck to the masses in receiving information. On the other hand, social media are relatively cheap tools that enable anyone (even anonymous small business entrepreneurs and franchise owners) to publish or access information.

The change is revolutionary. Where traditional media often needed weeks to process and publish, social media empowers individuals to report in real time. Broadband allows multimedia reporting, not just print. And it allows crowd sourcing for front line information to be passed that was not nearly as accessable using traditional media.

The above video explains what social media is. Blue MauMau, a social media site, allows members to share content and news. It allows members to blog. Readers can rank the content quality of their contributed articles. And it allows reader comments and insights. Readers can actually rank and comment on some 2,450 franchise systems. Blue MauMau has Podcasts, Vlogs (like this one), forums, slideshows, book reviews, book purchases, a wikipedia (we call it ours franchipedia) and much more.


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