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Franchise Leads

You picked a tough topic, and from the viewpoint of what's the best bang for the buck in a franchiser's development efforts. That's the flip side of the coin of what are some of the best tools for franchise buyers to find the right franchise.

I've observed that the market (franchise buyers) generally tends to find their way to the most effective tool, and franchise system advertisers follow the traffic.

So who works best? Tough question.

Here's my take. Most franchise seekers find out about franchising and the range of choices through the Internet. Print ads seem to get little response nowadays. However, print can draw a general awareness in the business community. The Wall Street Journal is useful for certain kinds of news. It targets the business community, but it is more national (with some regional differences) in focus and expensive.

In regards to lead generation, there's a list of what franchise directories are the most trafficked, Top 10 Franchise Directories Ranked by Traffic. Each of the franchise directories listed provide lead generations to franchise development teams.

FranchiseGator is listed there as the most trafficked directory site as of today's date. Its CEO has gone on record from time to time on what are the best qualified leads.

What has been your experience with an appropriate ad mix and the most effective franchise lead generators? 




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