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Terrible investment WSI

WSI is a terrible investment, they make so much effort on trying to picture an image of being the number one in the market and that's where the BS starts, they throw you all kinds of arguments like WSI is like Walmart, it has access to cheap quality production centers and they have their own innovative products in house which are exclusive on the market, total BS, I paid off the price which I thought would be a good investment and I ended up facing the most terrible investment I ever made, they give almost no support, their training is a one week training on their very modest headquarters in Toronto, when you enter their system and see what kind of tools they use, you realize it's too late, these production centers they call are only cheap indian and other body shops that builds crappy HTML sites based on Wordpress, things that even a 16 year old kid could do, so you end up paying their partners, their royalties and a lot of fees which they only show up later on the game. Their systems and websites look like old 90s websites, they are not a tech company at all, they are only focused on selling the franchise, or selling a "dream", they have a big turnover rate, lots of unsatisfied ex-franchisees, and they still claim they're the best, only because they flood the internet with BS trying to picture that, but don't fall into this trap, this is a total ripoff stay away and see this company has its days counted.


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