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No need to be a franchisee!

Hi all, i'm based in NY and joined a company in the UK that actually ensure business success online.
There model is:
Your only costs are to purchase your domain and set up your company and stationary (~$100). Thats all, they provide you with the website to supply web design, logos, social media, reputation manag., local busin. listings, SEO, PPC, Branding. They provide training and learning materials, and wholesale prices and you just mark up and sell. They don'y put their name to anything so you are building your own business with minimal running costs. I've been with them now for 6 months and am currently doing arround $3500 - thats with doing my full time job too.
I havn't asked for permission from them to put their website address so havn't. But will do as soon as i do.

Good luck guys.


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