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Does WSI Franchise Help to Grow Sales?

No, sales are up to you. The story is that they have 100's of leads that they filter out to their franchisees, but even the structure of the franchise system (with potentially 100's of franchisees occupying the same geography) makes it impossible to happen. It doesn't happen. Don't count on any leads from Corporate.

What the franchise provides is an infrastructure of Production facilities and some training. Few will be fit enough to make a go of it and get it off the ground. The ones that are able to, I suspect would have been successful in whatever business they ventured into.

The concept of a Franchise is a good one for Services and Products that are easily repeatable and with good brand recognition backing you up. Unfortunately, this franchise fails on both fronts.

First off, Internet Marketing is far from easily repeatable. It is the fastest changing game there is. The production centers are not keeping up with it, even if you can find a production center within their network that you can tolerate working with due to their lack of customer service or any form of professional assistance. They pay fees to corporate too, plus sell to other businesses that are not in the franchise network. A new franchisee with little know how and potential immediate revenue will get very little respect without kicking and screaming.

Next is the brand. WSI - You mean the Waste System Guys ... Internet ... what? Never heard of it. Nobody knows the brand. Corporate will tell you that they do not make any money of Franchise sales, it all goes back into development. They also don't make any money on Franchise royalties, it all goes back to development. As you can see, the story does not add up. As well, there is no money put towards Marketing the brand. You may as well call yourself Bob's Internet Service as your brand will be just as well known.

They over sell and under deliver on support. You can make it, yes. But you would have anyway and there are better choices.


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