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getting suckered into WSI

"one of the instructors in Toronto said at the beginning of the class (once we paid our fees) that out of three people; 1- will succeed, 1- will barely make ends meet and 1- would fail."

In first year this may be close. After 2 years it gets far worse, after 5 years ... no one buying a franchise could ever see the real #'s.

I would say a 2% success rate for those targeting $100K or more annually and a 10% success rate for those that may be satisfied with $50k or less a year as a second income, after getting the business established after 5 years. The thing is though, you do this to have less stress in life, not more. How is it less stress in life when every client you get is also potentially a new Boss. Instead of one Boss you had when you were working, you may now have many. From hosting outages to change management ... so much for freedom ...


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