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WSI paid me to say good things

When I was struggling with minimum sales to pay minimum royalties, WSI paid me in "IC Mikes" basically points to pay off my feed to talk to prospective investors and tell them how wonderful it was. I feel horrible I even did so but I had no choice as I needed to pay my monthly $625 ($300 royalty and $325 access to "marketing" and software (which their CRM I can get on my own for $30/month and their WebScan is nor proprietary as they tout and there are free apps to do the same stuff)). It's all a scam. I got a list of franchisees to call prior to investing and I realized it was their five success stories. I demanded a more thorough list from the FranNet consultant I used to look into businesses and now realize even if they were failing, they were likely paid to paint a rosy picture.


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