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Wouldn't bother with either WSI or AIS Media

WSI will try to sell you a franchise with another franchisee three blocks away in a suburb. The rebuttal you'll hear is "it's like a McDonalds." I don't think so....

With whatever business offering you are looking into - make sure you ask ALOT of questions. If you feel uncomfortable with any of the answers then keep asking questions. Do not rush in to any decision. Personally, I think you're better off partnering with a local web design/development shop and work out commissions for the sales you make. This is basically what you would be doing with either franchise (or um.. partnership) anyway. You'll get better support and you can always buy a few books on web design/Internet marketing rather than send your cash to AIS Media or WSI.

There are some differences between the two - with WSI you have to use one of their internal development/production shops. With AIS Media, technically, you are not locked down to using only their solutions. However, after sending them between $30-40K you'll want to get your investment's worth.

In short - I'd stay away from WSI. AIS Media, I'm afraid, is not much better.


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