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Are you kidding me?  Get the FFD, look up item 20, and do a blast fax to the "franchisees". 

Guess what? Youwon't find most of them!

As reported by Julie Bennett in the Franchise Times, May 2009. 

"About half those franchisees are in the U.S. and the company’s latest FDD, filed in March 2009, reports 652 franchisees here at the end of 2008, down from 872 at the end of the previous year. In a press release dated March 30, WSI president Ron McArthur explained the 220-franchisee loss as a re-focus of the company, moving from Web site development to selling Internet marketing services. " 

This is possibly the dumbest franchise system ever -but really good for the franchisor.

Michael Webster PhD LLB
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