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Gogiro Feedback

Thank you everyone for the feedback – the online industry is obviously not creating a good name for itself, hopefully that will change.  I really feel that Gogiro’s system is structured so that the company is only succesful if the partners / franchisees are succesful and the end consumers, which has been the leading directive from day one.  I would really appreciate anyone who is interested in reviewing and providing some constructive criticism to the model.  If anyone wants to to tear Gogiro apart and offer advice or feedback on any holes or weaknesses, please message me directly and I will work with you on a one-to-one basis. 


It’s important for Gogiro to do this now, at the outset so that any areas for improvement can be identified now and a more comprehensive adaption process can be utilized as we move forward.  From the feedback noted above, what im reading into are a couple of key points;


-         Overselling can create insecurities and competition within, maybe lack of individual support and development

-         Open doors to additional income streams that can be controlled by franchisees

-         Bottom line, does the franchise provide business, accounts, revenue, etc..

-         As well, people do not want to buy a job; DO NOT sell me a job


Craig - Im committed to seeing only future Gogiro success stories.



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