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WSI is a Total Waste of Money

I bought my franchise two years ago, have had some sales success and am stuck under contract for three more years until my contract expires. Several mistakes I made that you don't have to make!
1. Avoid this franchise. I should have looked at a brick and mortar business or just sold junk on e-bay. I would not be in the financial mess I am in now due to WSI.
2. Have an attorney read your UFOC document that describes your franchise. I read and thought I understood it but did not catch a few things. I cannot just quit. I still have to pay a $750 a month minimum royalty for three more years.
3. WSI and, for that matter, AIS Media are in the business of selling dreams although AIS Media is not actually a franchise and does not collect royalties. AIS has much more limited support though.WSI does offer reasonably good support but it is very difficult to replace ones income building and marketing web sites. The business model is flawed.
4. I should have picked up the phone and called franchisees that I should have Googled and not just the four or five WSI gave me to call.
5. I know one of the most successful WSI franchisees. Of the roughly 1500 franchisees, there are maybe 50 really making any kind of living at this. At least one that would make it worthwhile to quit one's job.
6. Finally, Before you buy any franchise, make sure you talk to alot of the franchisees before you buy. I am approximately $100,000 in the hole. There's a sucker born every day and I was one of them.

Name Withheld for obvious reasons,....WSI will come after you (so I hear).


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