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i shouldn't...

I should not do this but here I go...

I'm a web developer in wsi and what you're saying seems to be more frequent these days. But you know what... I've always said that slogan "you do not need to know about programming to develop websites", that is just a big... well... if you are going to sell trucks you need to know where the clutch is and how to start the engine, right? ... well, the same goes for websites, you can figure out how to use one, not just how to sell one. but it will help you a lot if you know how they work under the hood.

So... you can make a living at wsi, i've seen ic's doing that, and all of them understand the development process, they know the difference between databases & tables, they know what i mean when i say words like "tags", html, web services, DotNet, servers, blah blah blah... but... omg! when a consultant comes to me and does not have a clue of what i am talking about, that's a failure for sure in the short term.

do not give up.


talk to your pc, talk to all of them. ask someone to explain HOW websites works, not how to sell them (marketing and seo are great terms, but you NEED to know how a website works), learn how to USE them, and by God's sake!!! learn some HTML, it will make your life easier.

trust me, you do not need a multinational entity to which sell a website... I've seen how with our simplest modules you guys create great websites not for the IBM competitor but for the carpenter next door and guess what? you succeed, you make money of that, and the most important in this business, your client makes money too.

Do not come and tell us "build me a big house, and start with the walls from the third floor, forget about 1st & 2nd floor, i need the walls to install some great curtains my client is asking me"... just start by writing clear requirements and we will be more than happy to help you.

Maybe, someday I'll develop your website, and what we get at the end will be another cause for pride for us.

Do not try to reach me whenever you stay or leave wsi, i get here by chance & thought had to say something.


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