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That's what I've been telling you for years

BJ sez: "I believe before someone buys a franchise they really need to study the world of franchising. When someone reads a UFOC without any knowledge of franchising it is hard to understand what the UFOC is saying."

I've been telling you for years now that the single most important thing for a prospective Zee is to KNOW WTF THEY ARE DOING.  But for that you have accused me of shilling for Zors.  If you knew the fitness business before you signed on to own a fitness club you would have a much higher chance of success and a much lower chance of buying jumk.

Same for knowing the hamburger biz before you buy a burger restaurant, knowing the sandwich biz before you buy a sandwich shop, knowing ice cream before you, etc. etc.  A fool & their money are easily parted and so many of the Hurt Zees like BJ didn't bother doing their homework until after they had failed the course.  If people knew what they were doing before they did it, we would not have so many Hurt Zees here griping about how bad the Evil Zor was.

Knowing what you are doing before you do it helps you to not buy junk.  YOU need to know what youa re doing BEFORE you sign, and that is YOUR responsibility.  Whether it is car dealers, investment advisors, insurance salesmen, etc. (or franchisors) there are plenty of people out there who would like to take your money.  It is YOUR responsibility to look out for YOUR OWN money.


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