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Boo hoo Barbara yet again

It would be nice if there were no contagious diseases but until we eradicate them I will still get a vaccination.

Your solution to falling for a sales pitch is to wish the nanny state would make the other side of a transaction protect you from yourself.  And until that day of puppy dogs that fart rainbows arrives, you refuse to consider vaccination.  You're someone who would complain that a 3-card monte dealer didn't tell you he was going to take your money.

Why would a commission salesperson go out of their way to point out something that would prevent the sale from taking place?  The incentives are too great in the other direction.  If you had put half as much effort into franchising before you bought one as you have put in after you failed, you would not be here honing your fine whine now.

KNOWLEDGE innoculates you against bullsh*t.  But don't expect the OTHER guy to spoon feed you YOUR knowledge.


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