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Definite exploitation

Couldn't agree more. You will work like a dog and you will produce blood, sweat and tears just like an independent entrepreneur but you really don't own your own business. The Franchisor controls EVERYTHING and during your term they can change the requirements of someone buying the franchise to where NO ONE WILL WANT TO BUY your business years later. That is what's happened to me. New person bought the whole franchise system and then with the help of her "guru" consultants they have changed everything and jacked up fees and requirements so much that no one wants to buy a new franchise or a resale. So my contract is ending in about a year and the past 7 years will be for practically nothing because I can't resale my franchise business and I refuse to re-sign the new 10 year deal that is LOADED with one-sided mandates. My business professors were wrong--franchises are not a higher guarantee of success. Probably the reason their statistics show being in business longer than an independent business is because the franchisee is an indentured servant/serf who is under contract and paying royalties. You stay open longer because you are under contract! Not necessarily because you are more successful


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