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actually you are just a form of pestilence

It was written:

I like to think that I am neither a liberal or a conservative and just a concerned citizen, a middle-class American, who thinks my country is in trouble and has great problems.

My reply:

Actually allow me to help you.  What you are is a resident of the United States who has totally failed in their citizenship duties.  It is more than obvious that you have no knowledge of the Constitution, you do not understand the fundamental concept of liberty, you do not understand the basic tenets of law, and your ignorance is undermining the very Rosetta Stone of liberty,   Your are a disgrace to every patriot who ever spilled their blood  to preserve liberty.  You would wrest freedom from those who exercise it, and subjugate their life's work to the tyrannical rule of Democracy.  It is not enough that we tolerate your existence in society, but to have you actually participate in self rule, you who are unable to comprehend the blessing of the self, is unfathomable.  

If there exists a great problem in this country it is your ilk.  You are but a pestilence of ignorance sweeping the land, destroying all you touch.  I thank you to consider your innate value to society; you will find none. 


"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."


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