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Barbara Jorgensen's picture

I believe before someone

buys a franchise they really need to study the world of franchising. When someone reads a UFOC without any knowledge of franchising it is hard to understand what the UFOC is saying.

After studying here and asking many guestions I am now reading our UFOC. I can understand alot more. It is easier to read after learning what franchising is all about.

Most people believe they are buying a system in business that is proven. Over a year ago I would believe this because of misleading things I have spotted on the UFOC.

Carman I am on item 20 and it is misleading people to believe they have many stores opening. Today only less than 25 (20) I believe is opened.

The risk factor was way more than anyone of us believed. Because the disclosures do not add up. But who would ever know until a year after we signed the franchise agreement?

If the disclosures were honest I believe none of us would of signed the agreement. Because if we were told about how many stores had closed at the time of the signing we would absolutely know the risk was too high. Plus if current phone numbers were given to us it would of allowed us to get a hold of these burnt zees.



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