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you CAN Fail even If you're #1, hold every record and more

I just found out the very sad news from this Liberty Tax offices #1 record holding blue eye daughter named Annie Fuller that affter her short 4 season with them, breaking the national record, winning every kind of award and being paraded around to show "this is what you too can do" to prospectives buyers and current franchisees, she is now telling the truth.
The lies they feed are that its great to join them, FINANCE you business and you will earn equity, have new life, better quality and everything will be great. She is the latest in a line of seemingly successful Liberty Franchisees who have suddenly disappeared.
Although Ms Fuller is by far the most outrageous, greatest marketing queen and most generous giving person I have ever had the privilage of meeting, she too now is being kicked to the curb. John Hewitt has used her up, and when they made some mistakes, she turned to them for support, none was to be had. when she questioned their financing practices as they alledgedly took far more than they should have from her revenue, they started finding fault with her, and now finally have offered her peanuts to move on.. I will not reveal what, but this girl is amazing, thousands of liberty stores have increased revenue 10 fold from her help, she was rarely compensated for this but still gave it freely. Liberty tax and John Hewitt should wake up. I AM a current zee, I WAS going to expand this year, I NOW am more concerned about figuring a way out of debt and out from under the dictatorship of this corporation. An intersting question to ask Liberty when considering Buying or expanding is this :what percentage of franchisees who are established 2-3 years or more do over 300 tax returns per year (average fee is $200 or less btw)? The answer is less than 20%, See if they are truthful with you.
I would highly advise anyone to get into the business, NOT with Liberty and even if you are swayed by their dog and pony show, do NOT sign up for their 12% financing.
Once you start, you will not make enough to pay it off, and then they'll loan you more until you're too far upside down to ever get out.
Annie Fuller who is the exception and made plenty of money, owes less than half the value of her stores and they are forcing her to take a deal or let her stores die. They have all but told her they will block her selling her stores unless she gives THEM the money and then they decide how much profit she should get. Contact her to get her side and hear the REAL truth.. She is the epitamy of perfection with marketing, a franchisee we all strived to be like. she DID follow the system and this is how she was treated.. I'm selling too Miss Annie, I hope you read this and others DO learn the truth from you and open their eyes too!
God Blees you, and thanks for all you have done, keep positive as you always tell us. It will work out!
scared zee


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