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Anni Fullers contact

Annie I hope you dont mind and I apologize if you do but you've always been open and honest with everyone I've seen you encounter and I myself thank you for inspiring me and I know thousands of others.
The email address I have for her is
please do not bombard this great lady, but I know she has always been available to help anyone who asked.
I visited her store and went back with a full armory of marketing techniques that helped me increase my take home dollar amount.
I hate that you are no longer with liberty (if the information I heard was correct) we will miss your enthusiastic motivation, hearing your voice on the Conf calls every day and for those of you who didn't get a chance to go spend a day with her, be sure to go visit someone who DID, if they paid attention they can teach you how to, as anni says, "get more butts in the door"!
I would like to know If you are free to help some of us with our marketing, if you are infact no longer a zee, unless of course you're off on a new business adventure?


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