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For those of you who are on

For those of you who are on this forum touting how to be successful and how you’ve made 10,000 dollars by today –

First, you need way more then 500 clients to stay healthy, and make a living – and NOT working for Liberty at slave prices. You give away 20 cents out of dollar and that’s only if you manage to NOT get over the 11,000. You can’t make it off of 500 returns. 1500 a month plus electric water and employees means life is hard.

As for not opening another office, you have no idea what you are saying. Liberty sells you a plan, they say if you do this then this will happen. They do not discourage you from buying more territorities. Your only hope of making money is to open a store in an area that REALLY has a low income. If you have a high income area, 250 is really all you will get. They do not do their homework and get angry with you when you tell them they are wrong.

Most of the AD’s suck. They have no desire to help you make money, not doing their job. Hell I went an entire 1.5 years without seeing or hearing from my AD other then to be told that a less then 1% disgruntled rate is not good enough. He had no desire to talk to me or the actual zee and had no desire to help us grow, he could sit in his comfy home ignoring us or only visit the zees he felt was worth visiting. Why would he care he’s getting his commission, pay or whatever you want to call the blatant theft.

Life savings was lost and for the life savings poured into the promise of help and guidance, which was never received we have to walk away from a client base that we built and nurtured. We get to start over and try to make a living. They didn’t pay us for that list, yet they call it their client list. Not theirs. I do not recall them here everyday nurturing, driving miles, answering phone calls, walking through the street glad handing. No .. where were they??? Not here with me. That’s for damn sure.

As for you sir who have “earned” 10,000 by now. You are so full of it. First, efiling doesn’t start until Jan 31. 2) the clients coming in are ICA/ERC clients and the bank products aren’t coming in until sometime around the 15th of Feb at the earliest. So unless someone is pumping your store, you aren’t making that kind of money

So moral here – DO NOT DO IT!!! Put me down for that class action suit. Promises made, promises broken. Money taken with false pretenses, AD’S who don’t care and not working but wanting to get paid. Paying for marketing that doesn’t exist, paying back the client if they are unhappy for any part of your service, even if it’s free. The list is endless – so think of this – think of everything that can go wrong – and then multiply it by 10 then and only then will you understand. We aren’t talking a few thousands over 500K was poured into the business to make it grow – we followed the plan, we did everything and then some. So please spare me the – if you tried crap – because we tried, we worked our asses off. Our thank you is get the f out and we keep your list

Ultimately they do not want you to suceed. They do not want you to read the contract, they do not want you to make money. They want you to fail - because they can take your territory and resell it
or thise touting how wonderful liberty is - go away this forum is not for ppl like you - the kiss ass happy I have no problems and everything is rosy ppl - this forum is for the real ppl that worked thier asses off and got nothing


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