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Avg location revenue

As a former franchisee, I can vouch for the avgs above.
First year, I did 125 returns.
Fifth year, 650.
I was fulltime in the business and always used my best efforts. Even I, as the owner, dressed in the iconic Uncle Sam costume and did the waving in the beginning.
In all years, some of the returns were free, as part of promotional efforts, during the lull between Feb 15 and March 31.
I walked away from the franchise, letting the agreement lapse after the first 5 year term because I was treated like a third party (which is correct) when LTS wanted to distance itself from me or ignore me, but treated like an employee when LTS wanted to impose upon me. The corporate auditor told me that he had never seen a location with paperwork as good as mine, but that and good customer feedback and retention does not count for much UNLESS you are also doing everything else (i.e., marketing) that LTS wants.


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