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retail instant tax biz customer base

in response to this: "HR Block has lost money the last couple of years and they are pushing their on line business and this is where their future will be. 50% of tax payers pay no federal taxes now, Liberty, Jackson and Block are all fighting each other for the lowest slime in the bucket. If you like going to pawn shops, title loan companies, buy here pay here car lots, and bail bonding companies, then you will do well in the instant tax prep biz. This will be your customer base."
As a former franchisee, and now solo practitioner, I agree that RAL business is dead for new zees and the Big Three along with others are pushing online prep to the disadvantage of the retail walk-in operator.
However, I take exception to the characterization of the lower class and middle class, non-banking, and non-computer-literate (this customer base) as slime. If you, as a zee, think of your base this way, you should market to a different demographic. Any and all clients deserve access to fast and accurate tax preparation while also being treated with dignity, until and unless an individual's behavior warrants otherwise. Most of my customers, and my employees, responded positively to a positive, respectful attitude toward prospective clients.


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