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Clearly a Liberty employee/zee. Dishonest as the day is long.

You signed a contract, and then thought you could violate it?
- you only realize the deceptions AFTER you sign.

And the royalty is not 19%, it is 14%. There is a 5% royalty that is spent by the company directly on your territory for such things as a yellow pages ad, business-to-business marketing materials, radio advertising, etc.
- The effective royalty IS 19%. A zee pays their OWN yellow pages advertising. I got a box of oversized t-shirts and some cookie tins. Wow. From $275,000 of sales I got $300 of advertising! The truth is the advertising ROYALTY (yes ROYALTY - read your email which states franchise and advertising royalties) goes to paying the Marketing department wages.

You aren't honest about that, so I tend to think you're not too straightforward about anything else.
- I think you need to look in the mirror a few more times. Check the number of territories handed back, abandoned or sold for less than half of what was invested.

Liberty has grown very rapidly into a national company. Hard to believe your claims when looking at the situation objectively.
- There are 800 entities with 3000 offices. Franchise agreement states if you don't achieve 1000 office by year four you could lose your territory. At last check, office 100 of 3000 prepared only 1100 returns. Taking into account Liberty's required 100-200 free return program Doesn't that mean about 2900+ are preparing LESS than 1000? YOU NEED 1000 PAID returns to survive. I think you're a little shady yourself.

I own two Liberty territories and I've found their support, software, marketing plan, etc. to be top notch while their royalties are lower than either Jackson Hewitt or H&R Block.
- I was top 50 and I doubt you're as convincing as your post in real life. Software - Taxwise - not even theirs for the first 9 years. Support - you have got to be kidding! Marketing Plan? - They suggest $16-36k on marketing alone! Check out the marketing plans on the right side in zeenet. Who has $30k to spare!????

They will fall to 10th next year or worse.


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