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you guys who are complaining...

Didn't you know what the royalties were before you signed up?  Those who want to bail out, didn't you know there was a non-compete clause in there?  To those who aren't making $$, what were your revenue projections?

I have nothing to do with the tax business.  Wouldn't use a storefront tax preparer anyway.  A lot of our emplyees do, even those who can file an EZ.  I pretty much view the storefront tax prep business as a way to make fees on "Refund Anticipation" loans to poor people, clientele kind of like an Aaron's Rent to Own..  But just wondering if this Zor really is to "blame".  What did you think the Zor was going to give you that they didn't?  Are the other tax prep Zors better, should you have signed up with H&R Block or Jackson-Hewitt instead?  Just wondering.


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