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Strong doubt on this one...

The ONLY reason that you cold possibly "fail" in a Liberty Franchise is from NOT following "the programme".  If a new franchisee will put in the (admittely enormous) hours needed to set up the business and learn the Hewitt method of doing things, there is a miniscule chance of failure. 

If you have a fire or flood, are in a war zone or have your store destroyed in mid-season, I can see how this might happen, but the system is so simple and easy that - if you put in the time and effort to learn it and use it - there is amolst no chance you'll NOT make a profit the first year and continue to grow exponentially thereafter.

I suspect that the writer simply either refused to do the requisite groundwork to become know, didn't hire wavers, or didn't learn the computer programmes... We've been in business for four years and will expand to three more stores next season.  It's a lot of time and work, but nothing is free in this world and this franchise is (IMHO) a real winner for those willing to invest themselves in it!


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