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A new secret weapon to track

A new secret weapon to track down all the unregistered user names who do not provide their real names in this open forum. These Internet Tracking Companies are called based in the USA and based in the The Netherlands. The sole purpose of these companies who have received large fee’s from companies

The purpose of this is simply to act as a stealth submarine, scanning the oceans for surface vessels and require their own personal IP address, and report back to HQ await instructions. My Mcafee Anti- Virus program of which, could be classed as a Mine Sweeper with my sonar ball in the water. Detected Internet Network & Inbound Traffic for a number of weeks now. This has caused me alarm, because my privacy under the Data Protection Act has been compromised. My Telephone Company who provides my internet connection has been informed of the breach of confidentiality, and they agree (having taken control over my computer to confirm this ) they have banned these companies for any more infringement. If and when, I log onto this site again, they will monitor any tracking data with their own software. However, I could under legal advice seek redress if this would persist. A user has the right to post concerns or comments on this site, with out providing their real names, and keep their own IP Secure.

The above companies ping your computer through different ports to identify and attempt to require your Cookie Files, IP signature and address. However under the Terms and Conditions of Law wherever you live, they have to be very careful on how they require information and who they provide it too.

I must admit, I have been taken off my guard since joining this Blue Mau Mau Forum of which, was already alive and kicking with complaints and concerns well before I joined. I simply added more shared information, without any slander or not to smear. It was the other users who caused slander against me, ie Filtafake, Moron, Monkey Idiot etc etc.

This is not a admission that I was wrong, I strongly believe I was correct in my past post that I had written.

Finally, I would suggest any unregistered user to check their, Internet Security Settings, ie Inbound Network Traffic, and take the appropriate action. The ISP Providers will be very interested to hear if anybody has any Infringement of Privacy with this issue. The ISP will act as depth charges for you and blow these submarines out of the water.



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