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Below Post

While interesting, the below post by ‘filtafake’ is not exactly news worthy. What site do you know that does not place cookies on your computer? I’ve never had a problem with this site, but then I don’t engage in copyright infringement, posting proprietary information (in breach of contract) here, or fraudulently claim to have a particular function with Filta (like technician) and then go on to (repeatedly) post false and/or inaccurate information with malicious intent. (i.e., harming the Filta brand and therefore, all franchisees.) For those seeking redress as a result of this behavior, either a subpoena or more likely, cooperation from the site/ISP in exchange for a hold harmless agreement, is an easy, perfectly legal way to identify posters.

Of course, this process, including establishing which precedents to use, securing depositions, etc. takes some time but the end result will benefit all franchisees being hurt by this egregious behavior on the part of just a few. This does not mean all are plaintiffs; it only takes one to file and that information remains confidential until the appropriate parties are served.

It’s unfortunate that a few have corrupted this site with their own spiteful agenda, but it is what it is and now the legitimate folks who have a vested interest must move forward with the next step.


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