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Don't buy into Jazzercise...unless you like a challenge

I have been a Jazzercise instructor AND worked for Jazzercise corp as well. Unfortunately, if you are a franchise owner in southern California, than what has been said here in this forum is absolutely true. There is a strange mentality in Ca, if you question anything you are not wanted. If you are already in, you are ignored, if you are trying to get in and question anything you are rejected. It DOES cost $2000 to become certified and there are lots of additional franchise fees associated with running this business. The reality is this; Jazzercise now has to compete with local gyms charging $10 membership fees per month (offering classes like Zumba and spinning all for $10 a monty) franchise owners need to charge $45, $50 + registration fee to stay afloat. I guess if you like a challenge, this would be an opportunity for you. My advice is...look before you leap.


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