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I used to love Jazzercise:(

After Jazzing on/off since 1996, I recently attempted to become an instructor. I have been a Jazz and ballet dancer for most of my life, and had a lot of experience with the routines. I do about 8-10 classes weekly.

I attempted dress rehearsal after learning all 10 songs completely and practicing on stage for weeks with several different instructors. I was told that I really wasn't ready. Okay, I can handle that, even though I was extremely eager I went back to try again after 3 months. So now for practice I'm going through 10 songs in class onstage, cueing completely, and basically leading class. I do this for the entire 3 months, and everyone expects there will be no problem getting certified. So I go to the next dress rehearsal completely confident there will be no problem at all, and my jazz dreams will finally come true! Guess what??? She lets me know that she thinks I'm not ready, and I should wait another 3 months. To which I say not for me, and she's actually surprised! There are only 5 other girls there. 1 is her own trainee that doesn't move at all or cue, but she goes through to audition. Another has completely thrown her back out, but is told she can audition in 5 days. A girl doesn't even know all the routines, and she lets her pick her songs at rehearsal and puts her through to audition. Another is amazing, and then there is a girl who says she has been going through this for over a yr!!! I asked her why she never got to the audition and she said the trainer keeps telling her she's not ready. Okay, she's not as ready as I am, but she's obviously trying really hard, and not as bad as the other's that are passed through. First dress rehearsal there were 2 girls that also said it took them over a yr. to pass. What do all these girls and myself have in common??? Hmmmm, we are all not based in North County, none of us are under 35, and we all have a few extra pounds. The girls that took the longest are well over 200 lbs. I'm not even plus sized, but all of them are. I'm a 12, but maybe in jazz land that's huge??

Anyway, to say I'm sad and disappointed is an understatement. I've built up a huge rapport with all the students at our center, and no one is going to believe that I'm not even invited to audition.

I would NEVER recommend this type of humiliation to anyone else! The trainer literally lay on the group and watched to see if I got enough air under my feet. She really didn't make sense when I asked her what to fix. And at 43, this is something I don't feel like I need to put up with anymore. So sad, still love my Jazz but I may be too embarrassed to go back to my center now.


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