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Needed Money at the Time, but GLAD I FAILED!

I'm in the "me too club" from way back in 2002 when I was "only" 42. My timing for training was unfortunate as my main instructor was busy and pregnant. I was dispatched to Riverside, CA for dress rehearsal type practices in a 70s looking dump of a Center (super graphic stripes on walls and overhead fluorescents on carpet) with an uber arrogant owner. She had it out for me, like many of the other very qualified candidates writing here. However, I did not guess this right away.

Despite much dance experience, Jazzercise experience, encouragement from my instructors and peers, my high level of fitness, flexibility, good humor and ability to dance to the beat and cue, I was branded "NOT ready for Workshop" and the District Manager had "concerns". Was it that I used the word "butt" during that routine, "Bootylicious'? Was it that I bought MY Ryka shoes online for half price and mentioned this to others casually? Was it my actual dance ability and fitness level for my "advanced" age? Was it age discrimination? Was it jealousy that I live in desirable south OC? The other students were definitely not up to the proper technique, yet they received much praise, especially if they lived in Riverside County. I got "We don't talk that way in RIVERSIDE! (I uttered the obscenity, "butt")

I STILL DON'T KNOW. I love being a Jazzercise student at home and in other states, and coming and going as I please. In 2002, I discovered that their litany of fees, the way they handled the music, (CDs and CASSETTES at the time!)the JazzerPolitics and the general stick-up-the-ass all the higher-ups had really turned me off.

I also heard that if you want to be a Jazzercise instructor, you better not be in it for the money! WTF???!! They portray it as an empowering independent BUSINESS for women! Judi speaks about this frequently in interviews and when she makes speeches. You can make more money for less start-up selling Mary Kay or Avon.

I have been doing Jazzercise since 1989. I will continue as a student, but even now, I would become a flaky Zumba instructor before putting way out for Jazzercise and getting judgments, annoyances and EXPENSES in return! No wonder Jazzercise still has a reputation of being run BY grandmas FOR grandmas. The expensive marketing and advertising affair with Cheryl Burke (2008-09?) was a bust as well. Judi will probably live a long time, but she has to give up more creative and corporate control now.


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