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Count your blessings that you never became a Jazzercise Instructor! I did and it was a complete waste of money. My so called Jazzercise Mentor who was supposed to help me through the process never explained the fees, the time involved, policies or additional costs. During the training process prior to the audition she worked twice with me and said hope for the best. The audition was filled with a bunch of "20 somethings" and looked more like a cheerleading tryout than a fitness audition. There were 12 of us at the audition and anyone over the age of 35 (there were 3 of us) were labeled not ready.
When I tried to get my money back after being labeled "not ready" it was a nightmare. I decided to attempt one more audition because I wanted to prove a point to myself. The whole instructor experience was downright awful. It is no longer your workout but the student's. After certifying, they tell you how they want you to dress, wear make up and only wear thong underwear or none if you are teaching. If you modify based on the demographics in your class you get into trouble because there are specific class formats.
The center owner I worked for is a hypocrite. She would criticize me and I would get in trouble for saying these I never said on stage. I could go on and on, but she is a corporate favorite because she is also the Quality Coordinator for the region. I would teach and go without a paycheck because she couldn't afford to pay all of us so some of us would let her hold our checks until her husband got paid and she had enough money to pay us. She would also pay the youngest instructor more and give her "gas" money if she subbed at her center.
I finally resigned after all of the nonsense. It was one of the worst experiences in my life! What I came to realize was this particular center has too many clicks. The center owner is the ring leader and she talks about her instructors to other instructors and students. This center owner was overweight during her teenage years. She has now become the mean girl that used to pick on her and treats people how she used to be treated. People talk about a family atmosphere at Jazzercise, but those same family members will talk behind your back and stab you worst than your worst enemy. She tried to talk me out of resigning because she didn't have any fallback instructors and it meant she would have to teach more until she found another trainee (aka victim). She tried to make me feel guilty, but I realized it wasn't my problem. She is best friends with her center manager who is flighty and the biggest gossiper. She divulges confidential information about students and often the students are the butt of the jokes at her "book club" meetings.
The workout itself is great, but the catty women and ridiculous fees they charge are certainly not worth the frustration. Be careful of the center you join because the center owner may be as morally bankrupt as this one in Virginia and the bottom line is that they don't care about you - only money and royalties.


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